the year i turned 16

Startled, i looked around for where the sound was coming 4rm….Damn dis stupid alarm! Glarin at me was 7:00am in red letters. I hadnt gotten enough sleep and it was day already??? Shitty rubbish!
Okay, 8am was my job interview at Derby’s Bread n Breakfast….i damn needed to make a good impression…
Jumping outta bed, i patted d pillow, muttering under my breath…”I’ll be back 4 u buddy’. Chuckling at my silly joke, i tied my hair up, got into a robe n went to d bathroom. Brushing my teeth in a hurry, i skipped to the bath and soaked myself in…i tried to rush things….but u see, a warm bath in the middle of winter is sexy, to say the least.
After what felt like 2 seconds, i got out n sashayed to my room. Continue reading