the year i turned 16

Startled, i looked around for where the sound was coming 4rm….Damn dis stupid alarm! Glarin at me was 7:00am in red letters. I hadnt gotten enough sleep and it was day already??? Shitty rubbish!
Okay, 8am was my job interview at Derby’s Bread n Breakfast….i damn needed to make a good impression…
Jumping outta bed, i patted d pillow, muttering under my breath…”I’ll be back 4 u buddy’. Chuckling at my silly joke, i tied my hair up, got into a robe n went to d bathroom. Brushing my teeth in a hurry, i skipped to the bath and soaked myself in…i tried to rush things….but u see, a warm bath in the middle of winter is sexy, to say the least.
After what felt like 2 seconds, i got out n sashayed to my room.JEEZ! 7:40 already??? Damn u dis stupid clock! Speeding up, i wore my blue blazer on the skirt Ashley got me, tied my hair up as fashionably as i could handle, wore a black pair of heels and dashed out.
Shit! Shit!! Shiiiiiit! Wheres d gaddamn bus wen i need it d most???? Whoopie, here comes d bus….jumping in, i say hi to the driver and take a seat…its 7:52am…Nah Amy, u aint gonna screw dis up 4 urself.
Yesss! Derby’s B n B, am ere 4 ya. And its just 7:55, yaaaay! My luck is on 2dae. Grabbing a seat @ d lobby, i wait. Then, Mrs Parker(it was tagged on her lapel) motions me and some 3 other people into a room.
Chill, isnt dat a cute guy am seeing? Oh boy, hes cute, like movie cute. Owkae Amy, dats alrite, ure 1st on line. I startle as i hear my surname…den i realise dat ave bin called. So i take a huff of air n i walk into a cubicle.
The guy behind d desk is obviously disinterested in me…hes not to blame tho…you cant call my face cute or pretty or anytn even close…well wateva! I dont need an admirer, i need a goddamn job!
He asks me some basic questions and i answer…then he asks matter-of-factly, ‘Amy Tisdale, you have a boyfriend?’ LOL! I first chuckle, den i catch myself….’Not at all Sir, I do not have one’ He then closes a file and nods….hes done wit me so i can go…
I walk towards the lobby, chuckling like an idiot, who will want to ave Amy as a girlfriend is the question he shoulda asked…well, i sure hope i did well…
Getting into the streets, a junkie passes by me and mutters; nice jacket…i mutter thanks in return and raise my head to feel the chilly wind….gatherin my blazer a lil closer to my body, i feel some calm…like amma get the job maybe…I hear a hi behind me and i do a full 360 in my tracks….
Oh boy, its d cute guy 4rm Derby….*to be continued*


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