Grabbing her purse 4rm d Kitchen counter, she dashed off in a flash. Blindly, she fumbled 4 her car keys, flew in and raced off in a flash.
She couldnt even tell if she was d one driving or not. We better say luck was on her side ‘cos she wasnt conflicting with any road sign.

On getting to the Hospital, she practically flew out of d car unto d stairs….on getting to the lobby, she enquired where her husband was and was duly directed….ripping her shoes off, she flew up another flight of stairs and took d elevator to the 6th floor.Luckily, nobody was getting on d elevator so she got there in due time.
Proceeding to the 4th ward, she forced herself to calm her frayed nerves. Taking a deep breath, she went in.
She had steeled herself to be confronted with something ugly…but dis wasnt ugly…dis was wrecking….

Her handsome husband, strong and powerful lay on d white sheets in a blue overall, helpless and dying. No, this couldnt be the Smith she married…..maybe dere was a mixup….but wait! Dere was that gash at the side of his neck…the spot she had come to fancy in the man she loved. Smith had sustained dat gash in a struggle with a polar bear. Being the man he was, he had managed to escape…and survive…

So, definitely, it was Smith! His curly black hair was already turning brown and falling off…it was shocking.
Steeling herself against the tears dat were threatening, she went to see the Doctor in charge. On getting dere, Doctor Ray didnt mince words. Smith had cancer….a very rare type; cancer of the Marrow, and absolutely nothing could be done to rescue him.

The best dat could be done was to show him care and support him till he passed on.
She couldnt believe her ears….it just couldnt be true..Mustering courage, she asked how long Smith had left. The answer was like a truck just crashed on her….Dr Ray said Smith had been fighting the disease 4 a long tym and he had just 3weeks to live.

Getting out of the office in a haze, she glided towards the stairs….how many flights of stairs it took her to get to her car, she didnt know.
Igniting the engine, she navigated the highway and went at a snail’s speed towards their apartment…

Julian didnt hear the hoots and shouts of annoyed drivers, she didnt even notice what she was doin until she heard a train’s blast. The blast brought her back to reality and she noticed she was on the railway track….the traffic lights were on red in order to allow the train a freeway…it only took seconds to notice dat she was stoppd by d traffic light…but she wasnt looking.

The blue n red train continued speeding in its tracks flashing its headlights…
All around, people were shockd, opening deir mouths and screaming….
Julian closed her eyes tight and said just one word; Smith….the train whizzed by and crushed the little car, slowing down after some yards….

Julian startled next to Smith on the Cabin…she had been dreaming….


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