Her Royal Majesty

She sashays in
Pants riding low
Hips swinging mercilessly
Louis Vuitton on her feet
Gucci on her wrist
Eyes as blue as the ocean
Waist-length ebony hair
Body of a goddess
Confidence so amazing
Shes the epitome of class.She blows him a kiss
Batting her long lashes
She glows like polished diamond
Pursing her blood red lips
She whirls past
Cologne so strong
Her figure is the square root of 64
Perfumes invade his nostrils
Hes already lost
Imagining what shouldnt be
Shes the perfect seductress.

Chewing on her pen
Shes so engrossed in the math
Hair tied up in a loose bun
Tendrils cascading down her sculpted face
White pull over flattering her blue eyes
Smiling widely, she gives a whoop
She has sucessfully cracked the problem
Lifting her backpack
She smooths down her skirt
And whirls out
Shes the definition of smart.

Her shoes making a clap on the floor
She goes about her business
Sorting through paperwork
In an unbelievable period
She earns numerous promotions
Finishing up her work so fast
She helps her subordinate with hers
Smiling at customers so sweetly
Their complaints fade away
She does her duties so effortlessly
You cant help admiring her skills
Shes what you’ll call efficient.

Catwalking on a pair of 8-inch stilettos
She walks like she owns the universe
Picture perfect, shes totally flawless
The girls are envious of such a rare breed
The boys stand still, mouths opened wide
Married men bow in homage as she passes
They all do as she commands
Running helter-skelter to please her
Many even worship her beauty
Bowing to her effigy
She is Her Royal Majesty.


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