‘Dinner will be ready in 20, Arch.’
Pacing restlessly around the porch was Archie Livingstone. Taking a long loving look at his wife of 18 years, he felt pity for her. Stacy was the only thing he had done right in his existence. Through thick and thin, she was a pillar by him; never flinching. As dangerous as his job was, she had no fear. On missions where he had to go into hiding, Stacy was always understanding and never complained.
However, he had this odd feeling that he couldnt keep her safe anymore…
Meanwhile, Stacy turned off the gas and put finishing touches on the desert. Smiling brightly, she served Arch’s favourite; Cranberry juice into a glass and sipped…it was good. Humming a non-existent tune, she made her way to the porch…and froze. Staring her in the face was the worst nightmare of her entire 40 years.
Sprawled on the floor was her beloved husband in a pool of his own blood. There was a deep hole at the back of his head, indicating that he had been shot. Flipping him over, his eyes were wide open and blood guzzled endlessly from his throat. Arch was dead.Sickening instantly, she lost consciousness.

* * * * *

Detective Barnes, assistant to Archie Livingstone, had a few photos he wanted his boss to see. Backing out of the parking lot at the Hideout, he suddenly remembered that Mr Livingstone was scheduled for a 7am flight to Las Vegas the next morning. It had been decided by the department that no special assistant be assigned to him on the trip; for security purposes.
Checking his rearview mirror, he ensured he wasnt being followed and sped to his boss’ house. At the drivethru, he ordered 2 mugs of steaming coffee. His boss might have had dinner but it was probably going to be a long night so he was going in prepared.
Turning into the driveway that led to the beautiful house, he felt a something was amiss. Shrugging the feeling off, he parked the Beamer and headed for the house. At the porch, his jaw dropped open. The Livingstones both lay dead on the floor. Drawing out his gun, he looked around. From past experience, he knew the killer was long gone.
His boss lay in a deep pool of blood that was already drying up, he must have been dead for sometime. Mrs Livingstone on the other hand, was intact. Stooping, he replaced his gun and drew his hand gloves on. Checking her pulse, he discovered that though her pulse was very weak, she was still very much alive. Archie Livingstone had two very deep bullet holes; one at the back of his head and the other at the base of his throat.
Taking a closer look, it suddenly hit him…his boss wasnt shot at a close range, so he probably didnt see his killer. Straightening up, it hit him again…the bullet holes were made by a 19mm Sniper, U.S Army standard issue. Mr Livingstone definitely didnt see his killer. What puzzled Detective Ted Barnes was why an Army official would have a reason to eliminate Mr Livingstone.
Turning back dejectedly, he pulled his gloves off and headed for his car…the Silver coloured Beamer was nowhere to be found! Feeling the hair on his neck straighten, he pulled out his Revolver……
*to be continued*

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