nimmie rants

Its evening and slowly, the sun is making its way down the horizon. I can see this from my forte in a corner of the living room.I catch myself thinking about my whole life…what have i achieved? How much have i affected people? When am gone, will i be loved? Will i be hated? Am i doing my best? All these questions flood my mind and result in a mood swing.
Slowly, very slyly, my mind wanders to the tragedies that have befallen me. And am like, did i deserve it? Am i being punished for a wrong?
You’re probably already guessing what might be wrong with me….sincerely, even I dont know.
When you love hard, surely it isnt a crime. When you speak truth, surely it isnt a crime, when you show the YOU in you, is that punishable?
I have loved hard and gotten disposed like an abandoned garbage can. I have spoken the truth and regretted it. I have shown the ME in me and all i got was derision and contempt.
But then, who said it was gonna be easy in this cold hard world, nobody! The best i can do for myself is live full and realise my dreams. The huge favour i can do myself is move on and never look back. The love i can show myself is never comparing myself to ohers.
Sometimes i think, Nimmie; maybe an individual has to get almost destroyed to be able to stand solid, maybe you have to get your heart broken so many times in order to let it drop in the right place, maybe you have to get criticised to show you that YOU are the only friend you have in this world.
This is my inception, am writing my dreams….this is my self discovery, am going to surprise the world.
…….I rest my case



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