‘Tied’ continued

Ted couldnt imagine how someone had gotten away with his car without the revving sound it always gave when ignited. He was going crazy already.
Deciding to get help before things spiralled out of control, he tucked his gun in his belt; within easy reach and headed for the house. Pulling his gloves back on at the porch, he searched Mr Livinstone’s pockets for his car keys. Carrying the almost weightless woman on his shoulder, he hiked to the garage, tucked her safely into the car, and drove off like his whole life depended on it…which it did anyway.
Josephine’s Medical Home was the nearest hospital and he drove in madly. Parking as close as he could to the stairs, he lifted Mrs Livingstone and dashed in. In a matter of seconds, he was swiftly joined by nurses who took over from him and wheeled the poor woman away on a stretcher.

* * * *

Ted couldnt understand it. Neither could the Meteor. The Meteor was a special Black Ops programme that had turned their backs on the Canadian Government. They meted out justice severely and strictly by their rules. The mission that Late Mr Livingstone was assigned to was the Operation ‘Wiped Slate’ which took place 25 years back; the year 1982. 31 soldiers had suddenly gotten missing in line of duty. Apparently, the soldiers knew something that the Government wanted to keep secret. As it was reported, there was only one survivor…and nobody knew where he was…or if he was even alive.
He was beginning to make sense out of the whole mess now. Leading a team of 4 homicide detectives, they combed the entirety of his boss’ residence. In a locked cabinet they managed to force open, they found a tape. After Ted played the tape, the jigsaw pieces fell into place. Mr Livingstone had recorded a conversation between He and the sole survivor of the Government’s brutal betrayal. He had told his boss the secret that the Government wanted to hide by sinking the ship the 31 soldiers were on.
The Canadian Government had stolen funds from the treasury and used it as a freewill offering to the Ukranian Government. This was a very great sellout of the citizenry. The Army got to know about it and so, they were marked for death. The Soldier, identified simply as Will, had earnestly pleaded with Mr Livingstone to get justice for his fallen comrades. Apparently, a third party got to know abput it.

* * * *

Mrs Livingstone was responding well to treatment, the Doctor informed Ted. She promised to discharge her the next evening. Ted thanked the pretty doctor and left for the Hideout. After the killing, most of the staff of Meteor were hiding out. It was better to be safe than sorry, Ted mused.
Heaving a weary sigh, Ted set to work. Being the first person to come by after the murder, and due to the fact that he was also the deceased’s assistant, he was given the task of investigating the killer.
Replaying the tape, he set to work. Ted couldnt make sense of who the soldier could be. Typing ‘Will’ into the search engine, he laughed at himself; there were 658, 056 results…oh boy, this was a dead end. On a hunch, he punched 1982. Scrolling through information, he clicked on a photo of the 31 missing soldiers. Scrutinizing their faces, he decided to give his instinct some control. Clicking on a soldier he had a bad feeling about, he stared at the screen.
Staring back at him was a very hopefull face. The name of the soldier was Williams McGregor. He was the youngest of the soldiers. Requesting the help of Brian, the organisation’s computer geek, he was able to track down the soldier. He lived in a little cottage on the outskirts of the town.
*to be continued



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