‘Tied’-the conclusion

The man was already striken with age…and grief too. He was a little man with greying hair, cautious with suspicious grey eyes. Ted didnt waste time. He introduced himself and assured the man that he could be trusted. Finding out as much as he could, he promised to check back later. Thereafter, he sped to the hospital.
To his outmost joy, Mrs Livingstone was sitting up in bed. She appeared very engrossed in the book she was reading. Her palor was still a little dull but she looked okay. Breaking the silence with his hands, he sat by the chair. Mrs Livingstone looked him in the eyeball, grief showing in her blue eyes, and told him she was ready to go home. Taken aback for a few seconds, he stared. Recovering quickly, he told her that provisions had been made to lodge her in the Meteor. It was too dangerous to allow her return to their house.
The woman did not hesitate. She insisted that she was going to be just fine in the house, alone. She was a grown woman and could protect herself. She wasnt going to turn tail because her husband had been murdered in that house. Hell, the woman was stubborn! Blurting out the first thing that came to his mind, he told her that it was a Sniper that killed her husband.Ted had anticipated her reaction. But, it worked like magic! After hearing that the weapon was a U.S Army standard issue Sniper, Mrs Livingstone agreed to go to the safe house at the Meteor. Driving as carefully as possible in order not to upset her, he silently thanked God they were able to keep the Police out of the whole messy situation. Backing up his boss’ car as close to the entrance as possible, he helped the woman out. She lingered a little at the porch and went inside.
Ted stood guard outside the house just in case someone wanted to spring a surprise. In a few minutes, she was out with a duffel bag and a box. Helping her load the vehicle, he drove off.

* * * *

Leading his team on another trip to his boss’ residence, they scanned the area for possible hideouts the shooter could have used. This method was slow and tasking. The easy way would have been to submit the two gold bullets recovered from his boss’ body to the U.S Army to find out who owned the gun. But the Director of the Meteor, Adam Gibson specifically told them to get the killer without interference of the Police, much less Army interference.
After about 2 hours of fruitless search,they decided to pack up and leave. Just then, Ted looked up and realised for the first time that a high rise building was in the east direction of the the Cottage, just about a kilometre away. In a minute, he was at the building which turned out to be a hotel. Plenty of room for a killer to hide, Ted reasoned. Acting upon the receptionist’s instant attraction to him, he was able to rip outthe entries for friday; the date of the murder, when she wasnt looking.
Taking the stairs to Room 852, the third room on the list as it coprresponded to the time frame he guessed Mr Livingstone was murdered. Rapping on the door, he got no reply. Swiftly, he picked the lock and discovered it was a Presidential Suite.. The room was still being occupied.
Thinking he got the wrong room, he was about to exit when he spotted camouflage objects lying all around. Certainly, the killer was a soldier….and a highly placed one too. Opening a drawer, he found an I.D….and got the shock of his life. The killer was the President of Canada himself; President Gilbert Normann. He was an ex-soldier, which explained how he got the gun. Resting heavily against the wall, Ted was sickened. It was the President’s bullets that killed his boss….and his hands were tied.
*the end*



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