Get over your Ex

Stop drowning your heart in more

Your heartless Ex is obviously
without you now. You don’t need
to try
over calling and texting him/her

Why crying over someone who
played with
your heart, body and wasted your
time. No
matter you cry, tears won’t bring
person back to your life. Come on
dry your
precious eyes because everything
will be
okay. He or she left, and without a
word or
without a sensible reason but life
goes on.

You ex left you to give room for
serious people to treat you better.

He or
she left you with bittersweet
but he or she gave you

Breathe and let go. Trying to talk
to him or
her, trying to figure out where
you went
wrong and wasting even more
time to
check up on your ex won’t do you

Try as much as you can and let go.
it hurts now and it will still hurt
later, but
stay strong and stay positive.

Don’t quickly
rush into a new relationship, first
yourself time, love yourself more
before and always get down to
your kneels
and pray to God to help you find a
genuine person who will love you
the way
you are. Don’t lose hope, don’t
yourself. You are so beautiful and
handsome, Just know that there
people out there heartbroken and
like you. They are also looking for
you and
they are praying to meet you one
day one
time. Don’t hope my dear friends,
someone will come into your life
and will
erase all those past hurting

Someone will see value in you,
will give you endless happiness,
will make a family with you and
will show you the true meaning of

Trust me you will be fine. The best
is not
so far from YOU.
*copied from @Jhan Cone



A recipe of mee:)

Loool dis is a silly one. But u see, u dnt avta be al cwiouz n straitfaced al d tym. Remember variety is d spice of life. One more tin, pardon ma tense, grammar n word spellings. Am not in d mood tpo b proper. Yes yes y’all(in Chris Brown’s voice)
Get ready a slim 5ft3 frame, mix wit a weight of 56kg. Add a lite skin colour with average lenght not-dat-black hair and churn very well.
Next, add an obsession 4 ice crim n chocolate, sprinkling a generous amount of taciturnity in the process. After a while, add a penchant 4 clothes, heels and the colour blue.
Set aside a steaming mug of a double personality(a side of introvert n a side of extrovert) to cool off on a cool temperament.
Prepare a paste of indecision and straightforwardness. Add a dash of sarcasm to a pint of snobbishness.
Pour 6 teaspoons of creativity, 4 tablespoons of friendliness and knead in a bowl of troublesome. After doing this, add a fun seeking personality to a gram of naughtiness.
Add NIMMIE to taste. Serve hot