A recipe of mee:)

Loool dis is a silly one. But u see, u dnt avta be al cwiouz n straitfaced al d tym. Remember variety is d spice of life. One more tin, pardon ma tense, grammar n word spellings. Am not in d mood tpo b proper. Yes yes y’all(in Chris Brown’s voice)
Get ready a slim 5ft3 frame, mix wit a weight of 56kg. Add a lite skin colour with average lenght not-dat-black hair and churn very well.
Next, add an obsession 4 ice crim n chocolate, sprinkling a generous amount of taciturnity in the process. After a while, add a penchant 4 clothes, heels and the colour blue.
Set aside a steaming mug of a double personality(a side of introvert n a side of extrovert) to cool off on a cool temperament.
Prepare a paste of indecision and straightforwardness. Add a dash of sarcasm to a pint of snobbishness.
Pour 6 teaspoons of creativity, 4 tablespoons of friendliness and knead in a bowl of troublesome. After doing this, add a fun seeking personality to a gram of naughtiness.
Add NIMMIE to taste. Serve hot



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