_the friendzone_

Its been a lil while i posted something on here. Housekeeping got me all tied up and all. Well, now am here, i guess thats all that matters, huh?
So today, i wanna shed some light on the frienzone*not that we dont know all we need to know about the topic, buh pls allow me feel myself*:D
So i’ve been thinking on what to write since Sunday and the inspiration came; after reading a blog post and hearing a particularly sad case of the friendzone.
Dont lemme bore you any longer.
I present to u *drum rolls thrice*


”It was good while it lasted, ave a good life”

Tears trickled down her small face as she read the last sentence in the text. Yomi had just broken up on her, after 3months. Her 15th relationship so far.
Temi couldnt figure out what always made the guys leave. She was caring, responsible, and gave sex when it was needed. Talking body figure, she was a perfect 8; any guy’s perfect score of 10. Crying loudly, she decided to let pent up emotions flow.
Just then, her cellphone rang. On the 3rd ring, she picked it up. It was Kenny, her ”best friend”. Kenny sensed her dull voice and asked what the matter was. Unable to control her emotion, she burst into a wail.
There was no use pretending, Kenny knew how often boys dumped her. In fact, he had helped her through 6 of those breakups.
She and Kenny had been friends for as long as she could remember. He had asked her out once, but in her usual playful manner, she had waved it off as a joke.
They were so close her circle of friends even taunted her with his name. Others were of the notion they were dating…they were that close.
Pausing in her thoughts, it hit her that Kenny was more goodlooking than any of the guys she’d dated. He was mature, fun to be with and loaded with a lot of cash.
In fact, most girls threw themselves at him, but he wasnt one to fool around. He’d been dumped a few times too.
The problem was, Kenny was a friend to her, more like a brother. She didnt feel any attraction towards him…..

Kenny on the other end was lost in his thoughts. He loved Temi. He was very sure of that. It killed him everytime she got dumped. It depressed him even further when she found a new person….a potential mistake everytime. He had told her about his feelings once. But she never took him serious. He had thought being her friend would ease up things…but they only worsened the situation…..

* * * *

Sad, innit? Yet, we all have been through this at one time or the other. We like this person very much, yes. But the person doesnt reciprocate and to make things worse, they turn us into their brothers, sisters or best friends like the scengfario above.
To understand this phenomenon from different sides, i asked people what their opinions of the friendzone were. Thay had this to say:

@P.jay:its when u like a gurl and she only sees u as a nice friend. In the end, u end up helping her to choose a boyfriend.

@Mykel:its a situation when a girl only sees u as a non-sexual object maybe like a lamp.

@James Olokede.smeone who sees u as a non-sexual being.

@AK-Lee:a guy ure best friends with, u tell him all your secrets but u cannot kiss him.

@P.josh:its when u get fucking close to a girl and she starts to see u as a friend-slave.

Well well, there we are. Different views on the matter.

I’ll like to examine the topic from both sides tho(i.e the guys side and the girls side).
Most people are of the view that only guys can be friendzoned. Well, thats as true as saying Ozil was signed by Chelsea. Yea yea, u get the point am tryna make i hope.
Guys, as well as girls can be friendzoned.
Lets view this from the guys angle. Theres this girl; light-skinned, a wow-looker. Talk about anything a guy wants in a girl-shes got it. Plus, shes been showing signs she likes you. And then it happens! U dnt like her, in fact to u shes just a friend, nothing more. U even see her as you would see your sister. GBAM! You’ve friendzoned her.

Talking about the girls, i ave to admit we do it more often than the guys do. At this point, i feel compelled to paint a scenario.

****a few months ago, Tola met this guy. He was still the sweetest guy she’d ever met….lol. That time, she was being treated like crap by her ex. He was always there, offering a shoulder to cry on, taking her on dates wen she couldnt cook, coming to her rescue whenever her ex fucked up on hangouts etc. Before long, people started suspecting they were going out; including her ex. It gained her some level of hate tho-he was quite a great looker and a ladies-man.
It got so bad that she turned him to a machine where she dumped all her complains about her ex. When her bff asked her about him, she was like ”hes just a friend”. When they finally broke up, he was also there. Lol, Tola feltstupid when she remembered how hard shecried dat day, she soaked his shoulders! Lol
Even after the breakup, her eyes still dint open to see the boyfriend material in him. After a while, she started to really like him. Guess what happened…..one day, while he came visiting, he made a statement that made her almost cry. He said Ure like a sister to me! Hehe, serves her right abi? I know.

Well, all said and done, its been laid bare.
So, if ure a pro at friendzoning people, stop it o, stop it today! U never know if ure friendzoning ur future half o. Uhn uhn, i yaf said my own o, if u like hear, if u like ignore.

**curtains close**



One thought on “_the friendzone_

  1. Nice one dear… Been friendzoned can be be really hurtful, then later u end up hating the girl or guy and lose everything u’ve both had togeda…

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