Sorry, I’m busy

“Michelle, sorry if i sound a lil needy or overbearing but can you please come over? I’ll really appreciate it.”
It was Roxanne’s tired voice over the phone. Michelle was designing a really complicated gown for Roxanne and she felt she couldnt leave it even for a moment. “Sorry, but am very busy right now. Lets make it tomorrow. I’ll stop by after school.”
After school the next day, she told her mom to drop her off on Eight street to see Roxanne. All she saw was confusion all about, with yellow Police tapes pulled all over the entrance to her house.
Running to a Cop, she asked to know what happened. The female Cop had told her that they werent sure of what really transpired yet, but there were pointers that Roxanne had taken her life.Michelle thought it couldnt be true. She had spoken to Roxanne only just last night. Running wildly, she tried to enter the house-but the whole area was taped off. Jolted by a siren wail, she could only stare as Roxanne’s blue body was put in the van and carried away.
Roxanne was a girl her Mom had rescued from the clutches of drug abuse. She had been a very scrawny thing, pilfering to sate her want for more drugs. Roxanne was an Orphan whose parents died in a crash and left her to survive on her own. Soon, she had taken to the streets and become quite notorious. After 8months in Rehab, Roxanne was gettn over everything.
Then out of the blues, her phone call had come through. She had said she was too busy to aid a friend in need-and look what happened.
Michelle felt so terrible. She didnt finish the design anyways and her friend was dead-she had strangled herself it seemed. Michelle felt like she had killed her friend.

* * *
Yes, we are all guilty of this. A moment that wont hurt us; that we could have told our loved ones how much they mean to us. A moment we could have told a loner how blessed they are to be alive. A moment we could have taken time to call a friend we’ve not been in contact with. A moment we could have told that blind girl shes beautiful. A moment we could ave dropped by to visit a sick friend in the hospital. Yet, all we said was “sorry, am busy”.
I use “We” because every single one of us is guilty of this denial. Dear reader, take a long look back at the times you uttered that statement because you felt you had something to do. Did you finish it up? Were you even able to do it at all? Did it bring you fufillment? Would a moment have hurt if you spared it?
Now, the guilt you feel after something terrible happens as a result of your neglect, can it be erased forever?
That beggar down your street you think they love being helpless? That Stoner you always avoid, do you feel they love being alinated from the rest of us humans? That deformed individual you cant just talk to, have you tried picturing how you would feel if you were him/her? You have enough to spend in school and store in your piggy bank, would a few coins bother you that much if you give it out?
That leather jacket you dont even like anymore, do you know it could keep a person warm on christmas? Yet, you keep throwing food out, you know some dont have any hope of food, right? She needs some help in cash, render if you can!
Reader, this is a clarion call to anyone that would bother to change their ways. Being good to people cant hurt you. Taking people’s needs upon yourself wont diminish your status. Be good this week. Show that you love. Show that you care. Dont ever tell a needy person “sorry I’m busy.” It might be the last statement the person hears. I rest my case



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