You lied!

**Heres to everyone who has ever damaged anyone, this is what you really did**

Your seeming innocence
Your watery eyes
Your slippery tongue
Your extreme calm
Your creamy words

Your deft lips
Those muscles
That silken chest
Those midnight promises
Those ‘I love yous’

Alas! They were all lies
You stole my pride
You trampled on my dignity
You stabbed me in the back
When i least expected it
You gave me a bulletproof vest
And then gave me a headshotAlas! They were all lies
You left without looking back
You laughed in ma face
While u ripped me apart
You exposed my deepest fears
And made me alien to my own self

You embraced me with a sting
You kissed me with a venom
You turned my love to ashes
You crumbled my walls of hope
You made me pitiable
And laughed in contentment

Abadoning me in the time of need
You fufilled your lustful desires
With whores not worthy of passion
You broke our vows
I became as a widow
You instilled hate in our offspring
You ravaged us

You lived as God
Wicked without bounds
You treated us with contempt
You crashed our world
You broke our spirits
You darkened our future

You took the irreplaceable
You never paused to reason
You filled us with venom
Then stripped us bare
You made the idea of suicide welcome

Riding gallantly
You trampled my broken spirit
Stripping me of value
You led me through the slums
Casting the first stone,
You exposed my inner turmoil
Driving a spear through my heart
You took my life.

**Dedicated to all those that were let down by those they trusted. Rise up to the challenge, let go of the past, focus on being a better person. Your tunnel is about to end. Peace**



2 thoughts on “You lied!

  1. Dear nimmie, pls I have noticed that you haven’t posted anything new this year, hope You’re good and haven’t lost motivation cos some of your fans are thirsty for some new shit! Ok bye…

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