A weird tale…..

Staring into the cruel cylinder of the gun, Roxanna mentally calculated how long her captor would keep her alive. Twenty minutes? A day? A week? Roxanna decided on twenty minutes. Then she spun into action. If she wanted any Mc Callister calling her Roxie some more; she was going to have to get out of here…alive.
Counting to ten, she tried to keep calm. Where were all the bright ideas she was blessed with? Fried she thought. Looking him over,she put his age at 23……huge torso, black hair and an unbending stance. Frantically searching for the Achille’s heel in this man, she caught herself admiring his looks. What….or rather; who had turned him into such a ruthless hitman?
After about ten minutes…which to Roxanna felt like a lifetime, she discovered that his weakpoint Was so obvious. It had been staring her in the face since he brought her here; and she was too oblivous to notice.
All along, without uttering a word, he had consumed some brown liquid in 6 unmarked bottles. There were about 18 bottles left on the counter. If her guess was right and it was alchohol, he was probably getting himself drunk enough to pull the trigger in her face.
Hmmm, so Mr Macho wasnt all that fearless afterall. There were containers of what Roxanna thought should be cannabis. Without wasting more time, she set to work; speaking up for the first time. She was gonna mess with his mind and get him too drunk to move a muscle…yea, it was a good plan.
“Before you finish me off like you’ve been paid to, wont you at least tell me your name?
Starry-eyed, he looked her over and answered gruffly-“Wayne”Roxanna started to tell him how much she liked the name Wayne when he motioned her to be quiet. Lost, shebecame scared there was more to the empty space she could see. For the first time in her 32 years, Roxanna was truly scared of death. After a while, Wayne told her she was in danger and this had been a gimmick to kidnap her and stop her from appearing in court the next day. Piecing the pieces together, she started to feel at ease with Wayne. On his 16th bottle, he bolted upright on his seat.
Circling around a handcuffed Roxanna, he grinned evily and removed the safety on the gun. Revealing a sparkly set of white teeth, he said; “I’m tired of trying to keep you safe….God’ll do a better job. He sucks anyways, his throne’s big enough to share with Lucifer”. Then he squeezed the trigger; maiming a dazed Roxanna.



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