The Knight of Dawn part2

* * *

Gathering his wings, he heralded the dawn. Darkness had been on for too long; it was about 4am already….spreading out his snow white powerful wings, he ascended one of the rocks…and gave light a chance…as the darkness was forced to recede, it cast a glow in the direction of the light.
It was a very beautiful sight to behold and even his horse approved; from his muted neighings.

Back in the cave in one of the rocks, he gathered his sword and armour, mounted his horse and flew with the winds…..

* * *
Sweating profusely, the Witch doctor was puzzled. Trying again, he gathered the white stones and scaterred them…nothing…again.

Shemayah was at a loss on what was happening; his beautiful wife had been reduced to a piece of rag by the menace. She was in untold suffering as deduced by her soft moans and restlessness….and it pained him terribly that he was handicapped in doing anything to relieve her.
Sheila had been cursed by the River Keish. She was bloating every hour. He wondered how long it would take to reach her climax and explode in fragments.

The mere thought of this sent chills down his spine. Nobody was safe anymore….the gods were the ones against them.
What puzzled Shemayah was the fact that his wife had not gone to the river….She had only drank from the pot used in storing water….and the water had been there before the epidermic struck.

Did it mean that the entirety of the Keish river was poisoned; stored up or not? He shivered uncontrollably. They had been in the Witch Doctor’s house for 4days and the oracle had refused to say anything….it appeared Sheila was doomed.
Bowing his now weighty head, he stole glances at the man, shivering and chanting, murmuring and rambling; gathering and scattering…..still nothing.

Finally he spoke up

“The gods are silent on this one…take her home to die”.

Upon hearing this, Shemayah’s courage failed him. He dropped the bravado his breed was known for and did the unthinkable….

He wept in front of the effigy of the goddess Keish. As his tears dropped on her, the witch doctor stood back; afraid there was going to be an instant judgement on this sacrilege….but that wasnt to be as nothing happened.

Deciding to heed the advice, he gathered his wife in his arms and walked out. Surprisingly, as bloated as she was, she was light as a feather.

Dejected, he moved on. And then he met a strange looking fellow. He was really tall, about 7.5ft and looked as if he was floating. Shemayah’s 6ft and 3inches height was dwarfed by this creature.

Dressed in an all white apparel, an un-sheathed sword dangling dangerously by his side, he looked daunting. Shemayah hoped he hadnt seen a god.

He was probably an emissary sent from other kingdoms to spy he thought….was there going to be a war? Would the rocks protect them this time? Walking briskly, he wanted to avoid the stranger.

“Sheila will not die he said”

Shock almost made him drop his wife in fear. Looking the stranger over, he asked him how he knew that….and then the stranger was silent. After a few seconds, he touched Sheila’s forehead with his index finger and told him to go home.

Transfixed, it took Shemayah a while to recover and continue his journey. Looking back, all traces of the stranger had vanished.

“I must have imagined that dream” he thought

But he did not imagine it. As soon as he dropped his wife on her sick bed, the amazing happened….she began to shrink repeatedly and after about a minute, she was back to normal; radiant, healthy and beautiful.
* * *

The gods are very angry with you the priests had told Shemayah.

Shemayah was perplexed…he hadnt done anything to wrong the gods. He had been roasting some renmant groundnuts when a palace guard had told him he was being summoned by the Council of Priests…he knew that meant trouble and he had gone without delay.

“You have had contact with the strange knight and you did not attempt to hunt him down.”
“Are you not a seasoned hunter?”
“Are you not aware of the fact that the stranger is responsible for what is happening?”

These and many more were the myriad of questions each priest threw at him.
At the end of it all, the oracle was consulted and the words were the same

“A strange knight…..and a strange sacrifice”

* * *
Consulting among themselves, the most senior priest was chosen to offer the sacrifice.

It had to be a woman cursed by the Keish
It had to be a woman that had had contact with the stranger
It had to be Sheila

*to be continued*



The Knight of Dawn

Been an awful while i posted anyting on here…startn to get a tad rusty am afraid. Not to bother, ah gat a new one ere n its in 5 parts. Your comments r welcome…hope u enjoy it.
********i present to you*********

” Send the young men of the land to comb the entirety of Keish. Am sure he is hiding somewhere along the borders. If he cooperates, bring him alive, if otherwise, bring his head. ”

* * *

Far away from the embrace of Civilisation huddled the small village of Keish. Although minute in size compared to surrounding villages, it was the bane of livelihood of the town. Named after a beautiful godess of the Nimke kingdom, it was indeed a very beautiful sight to behold.
The inhabitants never lacked anything as the Keish river had never run dry; resulting in an almost eerie fertility of the land. Also, the godess Nimke was believed to guard the villagers in times of war. Legends had it that many enemies of the kingdom had been maimed in battle when the 3 rocks surrounding Keish had fallen upon them. The thrill of it all was that after these rocks. had accomplished their missions, they went back to their original positions……strange; but true.
The villagers were a very prosperous breed and were highly devoted to the worship of Keish. They paid homage to her twice a day and offered sacrifices at any slight opportunity.

Then, darkness fell. Continue reading