The Knight of Dawn

Been an awful while i posted anyting on here…startn to get a tad rusty am afraid. Not to bother, ah gat a new one ere n its in 5 parts. Your comments r welcome…hope u enjoy it.
********i present to you*********

” Send the young men of the land to comb the entirety of Keish. Am sure he is hiding somewhere along the borders. If he cooperates, bring him alive, if otherwise, bring his head. ”

* * *

Far away from the embrace of Civilisation huddled the small village of Keish. Although minute in size compared to surrounding villages, it was the bane of livelihood of the town. Named after a beautiful godess of the Nimke kingdom, it was indeed a very beautiful sight to behold.
The inhabitants never lacked anything as the Keish river had never run dry; resulting in an almost eerie fertility of the land. Also, the godess Nimke was believed to guard the villagers in times of war. Legends had it that many enemies of the kingdom had been maimed in battle when the 3 rocks surrounding Keish had fallen upon them. The thrill of it all was that after these rocks. had accomplished their missions, they went back to their original positions……strange; but true.
The villagers were a very prosperous breed and were highly devoted to the worship of Keish. They paid homage to her twice a day and offered sacrifices at any slight opportunity.

Then, darkness fell.The village was never to recover from its impact. The rich land that was the village’s pride became infertile….the river Keish got poisoned and all the fishes died…sadly, humans who drank the water also developed a strange sickness…they swelled up and burst into a hundred fragments. There was famine, drought and death in the air. The witch doctors and Priests tried all the appeasements they could-all to no avail
Terror cloaked the once beautiful and bright village; everything classified under animals died mysteriously….and there still wasnt an end to the plague in sight. The once heavenly village had been reduced to a Ghost town….and then the oracle spoke…

A strange Knight….and a strange sacrifice

*to be continued*



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