“Boom Boom Pow”!!!!!

Okay, this is a very silly one but then, I’m a writer; I’m permitted to write down whatever catches my fancy…YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIKE THIS :p

Sooooo, down to business.

Alexia woke up early hours of yesterday all tired and lethargic….She was gon resume late at school today..but at the moment, what she needed was an extra hour of undisturbed sleep.
After general family prayers, her mom practically commanded her to go “twerk up a meal”…..LOL!

A…….L…….E……..X…….I…….A!!!!!!!!! Her mom had called for her

Hesitantly, she went to the kitchen and started the process. Her mom joined her after a few, insisting she wanted white rice and fish stew with a side of plantain…yummy abi? Ikr!
Pulling out a camping gas, her mom put the rice to boil. Lost between fear and haste, Alexia decided not to use the 6 burner gas cooker….it had been giving off strange hissing sounds of late.
Disconnecting the connection between the gas tank and the cooker, she proceeded to pull out another camping gas.
She heated the oil and threw the fish in it(loool that’s the way most girls fry fish).
Mom had told her to hasten things up and stew the fish instead of frying it…..but you know, some girls α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ just hopelessly disobedient. Alexis told her mom to go wash up and prepare for work…which her mom willingly obliged.

Then, the unimaginable happened!

A jolting breeze passed through the kitchen like a car race was on..it slammed the kitchen door and the windows reverberated from the impact.

Pffft…..whooooosh…….booom! Fire connected with gas in the air!

And then boom! The cooker was aflame
Boom! The floors were lighted up
Pow! Everywhere was engulfed in pretty blue and orange flames.

All these had happened in nanoseconds. Fear gripped Alexia, She was standing in a valley of an inferno that rose up to her thighs…..she rushed to the tap to get water to quench the outburst and then realized the fire was licking her up quite hungrily

ESCAPE! She thought. Rushing to the door, it was jammed shut….that’s when Alexia became scared. She struggled with the door for a few before mom heard her screams and rushed to help. Alexia came out, scatched of course but she felt no pain then…she rushed to bring a bucket of water and poured it over the flames…….

And then the pain came…..
In bouts
In sessions
It was acute



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