Broken Promises

Panting heavily, she dropped the phone….it couldnt be true…NO, there had to be a mixup somewhere….

Lesley just received a call from her bestfriend; Cathy. Cathy had called to tell her that she came across Dan at the bridal shop, picking out diamond rings with a strange blonde girl. Cathy had said that initially, she thought the girl was a casual friend who had accompanied him to pick out rings for Lesley, but she changed her mind when she saw them kiss each other and laugh with careless abandon.Dan was Lesley’s childhood boyfriend. They had been goin out for 9yrs now and both families were well aware of the relationship. Everybody naturally assumed the duo were aisle bound….
Well, turned out things really do not work out d way we hope.
Lesley decided to believe Cath was just playing a fast one on her….

Dan was every woman’s dream. He was tall, slightly tanned, muscular, intelligient and rich, plus he was sexy too. Which was why anytime Les looked at him, she couldnt help thanking her stars for making her one hell of a lucky girl. Initially, it had been rough. A lot of girls hated on her for the mere fact that she and Dan were hooked. Those girls had tried their best to breakup things between them but all they did was make their love stronger.

Smiling, she remembered an incident that was supposed to tear them apart but didnt.
Some girls had started a rumour that Les was a slut who slept around with just about anything and anybody. The bad part was that they circulated photoshopped pictures of her in the nude, getting cozy with different guys…
Sadly, the way her head and the bodies were joined was an expert job. It looked disturbingly like Les.
Initially, Dan had avoided her and ignored her calls. One morning, about 5 days after the incident, Dan had blocked her path as she was about to drive out of the garage.

Heart racing, she came down from her car slowly, dreading the worst. Her thoughts werent collected at all. She was scared he had come to officially break things up….Thankfully, she was wrong. Dan told her he had come to apologise for not asking for her side of the story. Apparently, the story had leaked about how the pictures were photoshopped. Dan had hugged her tight that morning, telling her he wasnt letting her out of his life. That was way back in college. After college, they got even closer and gradually, people came to accept that they were meant for each other…..

So, this news Cath just gave her came as a rude shock. Pouring herself a glass of red wine, she tried to explain things away…

Cathy didn’t wear her glasses….

No, Cathy thought they kissed…..

Maybe it wasn’t even Dan at all…..

Les was getting really worked up. Her head was buzzing like a beehive of activities was going on inside(which it was anyway).
So Les decided the best was to calm down and figure out things; wait till Dan called. For all she knew, she could be fretting on a total falsehood or prank or mistake….Yes, Cathy was more than capable of that.

Les was running late already. She needed to hurry things up if she wanted to do the morning talk at work today. She had drunk and cried herself to sleep last night….after waiting up on Dan to call like he usually did; for over four hours past the regular 6pm, she had had trouble sleeping; which explained why she was running late this morning.

Getting to work, the pretty blue letters of the Mc’Kleinz Establishment winked at her. Smiling a little; her first since yesterday, she grabbed her bags closer and took the elevator…..she didn’t have time for her little stair exercise today.

Appearing at the doorway, she started her apologies. That done, she proceeded to the talk.

“Today, I have a very interesting topic to share…..I named it “Blend in? For what?”

* * *

She looked at the screen, Dan was the caller. Breathing in, she realised she still wasn’t composed enough to talk, so she let the answeering machine pick up.

*to be continued*



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    • Loool @MzPhunby m sooo sorry…..U know the andrenaline jus comes up; I post n sumtymz I lose d inspiration to continue…I promise to turn a new leaf ma’am

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