The Knight of Dawn 3

So after a month of lazing around, I finally got to complete the 3rd part of this series 😀
It ain perfect, had a lot of trouble putting it down. But its here; FINALLY.
Read, enjoy, comment and spread the word!

Without further ado, I present to you


Words failed Shemayah when the mind of the Oracle was knownHe found it really hard to fathom how the Priests had known about his strange encounter. Shemayah was now really sure he hadnt been dreaming….it had really happened.

He was at sea at the stage of events so far. Keish was reputed to be a very merciful deity; it didnt add up that she would request a human sacrifice; much less his own beloved Sheila.

There had to be a way out of this

There had to be a solution

There had to be a way to outsmart the Keish

Yes! He the indefatigable Warrior of the West; He was going to hunt down the Strange Knight

Yes! He was going to save his bride.
He was going to make the gods smile on them again.

The next Yanyar market day, it was not surprising not a single living thing showed up. It was a case of “to your tents o Keish”

Everywhere was as silent as a grave yard would be….and that’s when Shemayah chose to hunt down the strange Knight. Slipping into his Hunter’s garb, he braced himself mentally for the onslaught that was looming. Picking up the most potent of his charms, he tied them on.
Thereafter, he picked up his shotgun that had been soaking in a spider’s venom at the backyard.

Humming the tune of the war drums, he slipped out quietly.

If it had been in normal circumstances, indigenes would have been shocked at Shemayah’s grisly appearance. But as it turned out, not a single soul encountered Shemayah on his strange hunting mission.

In a short while, he was at the outskirts of the town….proceeding with care, he found himself at the union of the 3 great rocks; Avril, Aishaanith and Mi cha….named after 3 powerful legends in history.

Avril was a female deity who was believed to have come to life as a human. Myths had it she aided in the childbirth of a pregnant widowed woman. She had brought her friends to help her out that day
As time went on, as the baby grew, there was a striking resemblance between the baby and the deity.

On many ocassions, the baby(now grown into a girl) would present gifts of food items, kitchen utensils and hair care treatments to her mother, and when asked where she got them from, she would simply say a woman with long gold hair gave them to her.

Aishaanith was the only son of the then King Ramir. He was reputed to be such a good warrior nobody could defeat him.
Contestants came from all over the Kingdoms far and near; none of them was a match for Aishaanith’s prowess.

It turned out that his power lay in his eyes. If an opponent maintained eye contact with Aishaanith, such a one was a goner.

Nobody knew this huge secret of his until he met Naveena daughter of the silversmith.
Naveena was a very plain but beautifully crafted girl. She had black hair falling short of her neck. She wasn’t extravagantly beautiful or anything.

What had attracted Aishaanith to Naveena was her delicate structure and warmness.

Before long, they were seeing each other and were the talk of the town.

One day, Naveena had asked to practice combat with him.

Scared for his beloved’s life, he had let the cat out of the bag

He told her to absolutely avoid making contact with his eyes while they were play fighting…which she did.

In no tym, Naveena composed a loving song praising her beloved’s prowess in battle. That song became Aishaanith’s undoing;

The song can still be found in the Archive of the Legends and goes thus:

Amuru the great one I have found a treasure

Thou deities of the west I am indeed lucky

Naveena Naveena the plain girl has found love

Oooooooh! Naveena daughter of the lowly silversmith has found treasure.

Naveena has found Aishaanith, the world is complete.

In my lover I pride
His royal blood I praise

Oh! In my lover’s eyes there is fire
Oh! In my lover’ eyes there is warmth
Oh! In my lovers eyes shall the death of his enemies be birthed.
Oh! In my lovers eyes α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ the throes of death.

It was no wonder the song spread far and wide across kingdoms and rivers.

The next contest Aishaanith went for, he was defeated and killed in minutes.

Mi cha was a baby girl that had been found on the shores of the Keish. She had grown up a very powerful hunter and had delivered the Keishites during the Wamwe battle by luring their captain with her body and pounding him to death when he fell asleep.

The cave the Knight stayed was located inside Aishaanith.
Going into the damp and dark encampment fearlessly, Shemayah encountered the shock of his 34 years in Keish.



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