A Wrong Way to Die

I’m soooo excited posting this story! Feels like I’ve bin away for like forever. I didn’t really put much thought into this particular one; but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyways.

Feel free to drop a comment or two; criticise or analyse! Yeap, I’m giving u my darling readers that license.

Without wasting any more writing space; its here!

A Wrong Way To Die.

Naveena smiled at the closing door. The definition of sexy, she looked at ease in her leather body con. Swinging her hips and the baton in her left hand rhythmically; she eased the door open.

Today, she wasn’t feeling merciful. If he dint give her answers quick, she was gonna have to augment a plan B. She’d observed Garret with the prisoner two nights ago, she wasn’t ready to be so understanding….

Shifting uneasily in the iron chair, he was both pleased and scared of what stood before him.
Pleased that a woman could be so skinny and yet so curvy.
Scared of what he saw in her eyes.

This was death he mused

Her voice was pleasant; yet he couldn’t help but notice an icy undertone.

“The names Naveena. You might want to take note of this face. It’ll be the last you’ll see before you die”

Blood pounded in his ears. She was gonna be a hard nut to crack.

“Okay Miss…I couldn’t have had a better death wish…its a pretty face you know”

Naveena flinched. Was he less concerned or was it an act? The one thing that never failed to irritate her was overly fearless people.
It always brought back memories she preferred locked up.

She decided to tread gently. They needed him alive and he knew that. Being ruthless might just set off a waiting mine of unpleasant events.

“Good sense of humour you got yourself. I admire that. However, it could get u killed sooner than you know”

Studying her for the umpteenth time, he decided to play along. She wanted answers; and he was going to do just that! It didn’t matter if they were the correct ones….

He was gonna die sooner or later nothwitstanding; He just had to make sure it wasn’t a wrong way he died….

*to be continued*


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