A wrong Way to Die

“Reed was having an affair with my ex-wife. Considering the fact that the divorce was barely a week; I tried to tell her it was too early and might be traumatizing for our kids.”.

“Sharon wouldn’t listen. Not that I blame her; she was in love. Next thing I knew, her body was found in his apartment; and a few days later, Reed took his life. Its an intricately wound mystery I’ve been trying to un-ravel on my own”.

“As if the drama wasn’t traumatizing enough, the Police department showed up at my doorstep. And here I am.”

“Naveena; I didn’t murder Sharon. I still loved her; things just didn’t work out the way it should. I have nothing against Reed too, and I most certainly didn’t kill him.”

Naveena decided to goad him on. She knew he was lying but for some very strange reason, she didn’t want to use the inquisitor on him. What they needed was a confession so he could be charged to court. She had a feeling he was so good at lying that he would pass the inquisitor’s test.

Strangely, she couldn’t help believing some parts of his story…

Meanwhile, the Police had gotten stumped in their investigation. The autopsies run on both bodies had revealed nothing…zilch…zero!

Garret was beginning to have a very uneasy feeling about the prisoner. He had doubled checkups on his background….and in all of Monrovia, the name Paul Jarvis did not exist….

They were back to the drawing board…and it seemed Paul was enjoying every bit of it…

*the story isn’t over yet; so stay tuned*


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