a Jewel lost

I once had a jewel so fair and bright
This jewel meant the world to me
Although nobody thought much of it
So dear was this jewel
That it was with me everywhere i went

All my fears and hopes; my jewel knew about
My insecurities and sucesses we shared together
There was something about it that made us inseperable

It never judged me, neither did it mock me
It cuddled me to sleep on lonely nights
It shined bright when i was happy
And dimmed when i was distressed

Nothing could compare to this lovely jewel
It always managed to stay bright all day
Indeed it was a jewel

Then came dust which clouded my jewel
Next came a tide which eventually swept it away
I searched high and low
Jumped at d sight of any glittering objEct

Alas! My jewel was gone
To where; i knew not
That jewel was my mum


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